Produit Intérieur Brut – furniture fit for the most cutting-edge of home décors!

PIB-Home has always prided itself on offering furniture and accessories for those who don’t want to just run with the herd. At you’ll find a wonderful selection of chairs, chests of drawers, lamps, tables, armchairs and other decorative accessories that will help you to turn your living spaces into showcases of contemporary design!

vintage furniture allows you to introduce a cosier element to your industrial style interior

The ongoing popularity of industrial-type furniture ( makes it hard not to include this design trend in your New Year’s refurbishment resolutions. The range of industrial light fittings available on the pib-home website is particularly extensive.  At the same time, with metal being the material of choice in such furniture and fittings, care has to be taken to balance the practicality and unfussiness of industrial-look chairs, tables and shelving with something a little softer. That’s where more traditional items of vintage furniture, such as the armchair shown below, can really come into their own. Classic leather pieces, together with a scattering of old-fashioned fabrics – throws, quilts and blankets – will provide a striking contrast with the cooler shades of workshop tables and factory lighting fixtures.