Form creation has never been easier with the new online form builder from FormForAll!

For a huge number of websites, the enquiry form is a feature that simply can’t be left to one side. It seems strange, then, that effective form creators are so tough to track down.
Well, for webforms worth the wait, why not take a trip down to the FormForAll site.
An absolutely crucial factor in the growing popularity of the FormForAll package is the fact that it’s user-friendly in the extreme. This is best seen in the drag and drop interface, which speeds up form creation no end.
Another real bonus is the social login feature. Given the number of people who have Facebook or Google accounts, this is sure to be extremely popular. The all-important data collection functions include an email notification option which informs you when a form has been submitted and a data retrieval API. All data is hosted on a secure database.
A comprehensive overview of all options is available from
This is all well and good, but all too often, users of other CMS are left out in the cold by this type of package. Thankfully this isn’t an issue here, as there are special plugins available – just take a look on