Form creation has never been easier with the new online form builder from FormForAll!

For virtually all retail websites, contact forms, order forms or booking forms are a crucial operational feature. So how come good form generators are so thin on the ground?
Actually, online forms that won’t let you down are to be had, as may be seen on the FormForAll internet site.
An absolutely crucial factor in the growing popularity of the FormForAll package is the fact that it’s user-friendly in the extreme. The drag and drop interface is a prime example of this kind of thinking, and it definitely cuts out a lot of the hard work.
Users will also appreciate the Social sign-in field, which enables Facebook and Google account holders to use the information in these accounts to speed up the form-filling process. The all-important data collection functions include an email notification option which informs you when a form has been submitted and a data retrieval API. All data is hosted on a secure database.
The full range of features can be seen on
FormForAll is about more than just building contact forms. You can also create event registration forms, email newsletter forms, survey forms, subscription forms – the list just goes on! You can ‘road test’ them all, simply by following this link.