Serious snooker starts with Riley!

There can be few better places to start if you’re interested in really improving your snooker than the website. This is an absolute online treasure trove of information about the game, its history, the craftsmanship behind every table and some of the sport’s biggest personalities. There are also very practical tips and advice to be had here. The ‘Room size’ section will help you to avoid the very embarrassing (and annoying) situation of finding that you can’t play the full range of shots you’d like to because you’ve bought the wrong size of table for the room at your disposal. Click here if you’d like to see the full selection of tables that Riley make. These include some of the most famous models around, including the Aristocrat Tournament Champion, which has an impressive pedigree. It was used in the Snooker World Championships from 1992 to 2009 and as such many an epic battle has been played out on just this model. This table can be customized to suit your personal taste, with a choice of different wood finishes, pockets and trims all available. The handy ‘visualiser’ tool will let you see exactly what the overall effect will be before you make your purchase.