Dive into the possibilities opened up by the latest flipbook software from Webpublication!

Whether you’re in business or a private individual, the flipbook opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Like all the best ideas, it’s a simple concept, but one which can be added to and adapted to suit your needs. Webpublication is a firm that produces flip book software packages that will enable you to create and tailor your own online documents to your heart’s content. Specifically designed for those with limited knowledge in this field, the company says that with its package, even a novice can start producing quality content quickly.

On top of its user-friendliness, their online magazine creator has several clear advantages. It’s a great platform for bringing all the versatility of rich media straight to your fingertips – and your users’ screens. It’s easy to make your documents sparkle when you can add HD video, sound and flash animations. The other crucial consideration that applies to just about any e-brochure is accessibility. In other words, how easy is it for people to actually view, download, share and store your documents? Well, this shouldn’t be a problem, given that you can embed your content on websites, share it on social networking sites, email it and save it to a DVD or memory stick!