Water filters – the unsung heroes of the world of fridge-freezers!

Sometimes it’s the less glamorous parts of a piece of equipment that actually play the key roles. This definitely applies to the humble fridge filter, which is undoubtedly a crucial part of any large ‘American’ fridge-freezer. This deceptively simple piece of technology offers many benefits. It’s much more ecologically-friendly to have a supply of filtered drinking water through your fridge than it is to be constantly buying bottled water, with all the expense and waste that that entails. Having a filter will also help put your mind at rest if you’re worried about all the contaminants – lead, copper etc that could be in your mains water supply. What’s more, you’ll actually taste the difference if you buy yourself a proper filter, as filters help get rid of that chlorine taste the water can sometimes have. A filter will even make your ice cubes look clear rather than cloudy! Different models of fridge obviously require different models of filter, so you have samsung fridge filters, filters for whirlpool fridges such as the whirlpool sbs002 model, filters made by Bosch, Maytag, LG and more. Whatever filter you buy, remember that it is extremely important you change your filters as advised by the manufacturer, usually around every six months.