At you can book procedures at many top hospitals in England

Hospitalsconsultants – beat the queues, pre-book your operation!

Your gateway to quality healthcare that doesn’t cost the earth can be found at Hospitalsconsultants. Many people struggle to get treated as quickly as they would like to on the NHS. You may be able to get round the waiting lists by booking a procedure with a hospital in England or even in France via the Hospitalsconsultants website.

At you can book procedures at many top hospitals in England

This is open to those with private medical insurance and even certain NHS patients. The site features 100 hospitals and clinics which have been carefully selected for the quality of their patient care and staff. For added convenience, hospitals from all parts of England feature on the site, including in more rural parts of the country, the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital being a case in point.

Clicking on the image below takes you to the site’s home page, from where you can find out more about the different hospitals and procedures on offer.

Many different procedures are available for adults aged between 18 and 99 through hospitalsconsultants. The James Paget University Hospital, for example, covers such diverse specializations as cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology, oral surgery and cancer treatment.