What’s the best way to wear a polo shirt?

A half-way house between the t-shirt and more formal shirts, the polo shirt is a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe. To sport it with style, all you need is a little imagination…just follow the guide!

A little background

mens polo shirt
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It’s not for nothing that polo shirts are often associated with a refined, sporty look and even with a public school vibe, given that this style of clothing first appeared at gatherings of the quintessentially English sport of polo! At that time, the polo shirt was designed as a comfortable short-sleeved shirt that would be well-suited to sporting activities. It’s no surprise then that it was a sportsman, the tennis player and fashion designer René Lacoste, who created the modern incarnation of the polo shirt in soft fabric, with a collar and a button opening. In order to find a men’s polo shirt that will suit you to a t, check out Noreve !

Cool as well as elegant

What’s the main advantage in wearing a polo shirt? It’s probably the way in which it goes with any style. A polo shirt can look relaxed or sophisticated, depending on how you sport it! Teamed with a linen suit, loafers and a leather belt in summertime, a polo shirt is the epitome of casual smart. With a light pair of trousers and pumps, you’ll project an air of easy-going yet faultless elegance!